Sample Desserts / Postres

Flan~Smooth Spanish custard baked in a caramel sauce
$ 35.00 per dozen

Crema Catalana~This a creamy lemony cinnamon custard
with a caramelize sugar topping

$ 38.00 Per dozen

Rice Pudding 43 ~ This traditional rice pudding is prepared with Licor 43 a brillant, clear liqueur with a citrus flavor and a hint of real vanilla.
$ 25.00 Per dozen

Rum Cake ~ This is not an ordinary dessert. It is like a night on the town. This Rum Cake wiii warm your lips and your heart.
$35.00 Per dozen

Coco Flan ~ This dessert will get you plenty of applause
$ 35.00 Per dozen

Heavenly dessert ~ This dessert dates back to 1611 an it is concider one of the finest desserts of Spain. A light custard made with cinnamon and brandy.
$ 30.00 Per dozen



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