“Ethnic Cooking shows sprang up to fill our metaphysical hunger to learn about our roots as well as our very tangible hankering for authentic cuisine. Efrain Martinez ("Chef Ef") opened our eyes to the glories of Spanish Cooking.”

—Julia Child, An American Feast

“Chef Ef is a master at creating deliciously tasting and visually exciting dishes in variety of cuisines. It is always a great experience to enjoy his culinary expertise.”

—Mitchell Skolnick, DC    Saugerties, New York

“A little over a year ago, Chef Efrain Martinez prepared one of the most memorable meals I have ever eaten. To honor a pair of Tango maestros who came to teach in Woodstock, Chef Ef made a dish called Zarzuela de Mariscos. His preparation of this Catalan seafood stew, which translates as “an operetta of seafood”, hit the sweet cerscendo of the high notes, the rich density of the bass and was filled with the complex subtlety of the infinite tones between. It was one of those meals that you never want to end and I remember savoring bits of bread dipped in the saffron laced broth even after dessert was already on the table. I can still recall the aroma and the taste as if it were yesterday.”

—Dan Feldman, Artist    Stone Ridge, New York

“Al-Andaluz Catering and Chef Efraim brought to our summer barbeques fun, excitement and laughter. The huge paella dishes, prepared, cooked and served in front of the guests, accompanied by Chef Efraim comedy and dancing routines, as well as the tapas, are not only exquisite but such novelties compared to the usual American fare served at barbeques that they lifted everyone spirits better than the offered spirits!! I recommend Al-Andaluz highly not only because of the ease and willingness to accommodate that they demonstrate in their business dealings, but also because they are quite reasonably priced for what they ‘bring to the party’.

—Viva Feiner, Saugerties, New York


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